Unable to import bitbucket

  • I’m admin of the org, and have attempted to reinstall multiple times.
  • sonar shows installed in bitbucket
  • However when adding a project, an error message is displayed that states “unknown error, please try again later”

I’ve reached out for some private details.

Hi Jason,

I checked the logs and found this message related to your requests:

Unable to contact Bitbucket Cloud servers: 429 Rate limit for this resource has been exceeded

It seems this is on the Bitbucket Cloud side. Please check this thread:

Yep, bitbucket rate limits to 1000 per hour for auth requets, and 60 for unauthorized.
I’ve disable any other api queries for bitbucket.
I don’t see a rate limit setting in sonarcloud, as its doesnt fails to setup the org, before its able to list any projects/repos. I’ve verified I can run a rate limited query to that api and get a response (list of repos, etc).

The only API queries are initiated by Sonarcloud when setting up the organization. I’m assuming if our system does not have an ability to rate limit itself, then you are unable to support bitbucket?

Hi Jason
Sorry for the delay. I don’t remember any such issue recently reported to us from our bitbucket users. I’ll continue to investigate the issue to find what is the root cause of the problem on our side.


We are accessing Bitbucket API through the SonarCloud Application installed in Bitbucket which is linked to your user account. All our requests are authenticated and as described in Bitbucket documents, Bitbucket measures the authenticated request rate limit against the user ID.

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