Unexpected error occurred trying to analyze new project / setup monorepo

When I try to analyze a new project or setup a monorepo I get a 500 response from the server when it tries to retrieve the list of Bitbucket Cloud repositories.

Hey Rod.

Interestingly, a 429 was being returned by Bitbucket (Rate limit for this resource has been exceeded).

This is one of only ~25 429s returned by the Bitbucket API on SonarCloud in the last week.

Are you still facing the issue?

Hey Colin, thanks for looking into it. Yes still facing this issue.

Hey @Rod_McCutcheon

Sorry for only coming back to this now. I checked again and there have been no rate-limit issues with SonarCloud and the Bitbucket API in the last 2 weeks (since February 17th). That’s across all users on SonarCloud. Are you back in action?