Unable to connect to your IDE to open the Security Hotspot

We have upgraded to LTS 8.9 Community Edition. When trying to use “Open in IDE” option under Security Hotspots, it gives error as “Unable to connect to your IDE to open the Security Hotspot. Please make sure you’re running the latest version of SonarLint.”

Using VSC and Sonarlint version 1.22.0 is already installed.

Cannot find any other documentation around this issue. Please advise.


Hi Vishal,

Does “VSC” mean Visual Studio Code? Have you set up Connected Mode from within the IDE configuration? This must be done for the IDE to be bound to SonarQube and aware of the project. For VS Code you’ll find instructions in the project README.


Thanks @Jeff_Zapotoczny. That helps. Will complete the required setups and test.

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