Without using "Open in IDE", is there a way to map the security hotspot from SonarQue to SonarLint

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Without using OPEN in IDE feature in sonarqube, is there a way to see the security hotspots from sonarqube mapped into sonarlint? Currently I am not able to see any security hotspots after binding the project without using the feature “Open in IDE”

Hello @nmk_kannan,

Sorry, it took so long to respond. Security hotspots are working in SonarLint when you are connected to SonarQube or SonarCloud. Here is the documentation.
If you have set everything up as described, you can see hotspots in SonarQube interface but can’t see them in VSCode - please enable verbose logging, open the file with security hotspot in the VSCode editor, and copy and upload logs output to this topic.

Sure, I will work on this and update here