SonarLint hotspots not showing with Visual Studio Code IDE in connected mode and project bound

I have a question regarding hotspots in SonarLint. I have been able to configure the connected mode and the project binding, but hotspots are not showing in the Hotspots Tab.

I have SonarQube Community Versión 9.9.3, Visual Studio Code 1.88.1 and SonarLint 4.4.2. Apple M1 Sonoma 14.4.1
SonarLint is configured to get debug data, and the notifications on the connection settings are enabled. The Sonarlint focus is on overall code and the hotspots tab is selected the option “In Open Files”.

When I open a file, the regular issues are detected (I see them on the log and in the problems tab) but no hotspots appear. (See screenshots)

Regarding hotspots, the only message I see in the log is

“Incremental hotspot sync is not supported. Skipping.”

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.


Could you give us more details about the Security Hotspot you expect to appear in SonarLint? I suppose it’s a Security Hotspot that appears in your SonarQube instance, we would be interested in the message and rule key (if it’s for Java it should be something like java:SXXXX)