Unable to add some users by specifying their Bitbucket id

Hi, we use Bitbucket for authentication and it works fine when adding most people. They have to look up their Bitbucket id and then I just specify that when adding the user.

For a couple of people so far it doesn’t find them - I have tried searching by their email address and their Bitbucket ID. They do not have existing SonarCloud logins - but neither do most people I add.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this might be ?

Thanks - Andy

Hey Andrew.

It’s not possible to pre-provision users for organizations bound to Bitbucket (i.e. they must have logged into SonarCloud at least once).

From the documentation on Managing Members.

Before being added to an organization on the SonarCloud side, either through synchronization or manually, the user must first sign into SonarCloud at least once, establishing a SonarCloud account.

Are you absolutely sure?