Unable to add new users in Sonarqube

Hi SonarQube Community,

I am currently using Sonar version: 10.3.0

After logging into my admin account, Security → Users → Create User

After giving all the necessary information and selecting Create, I am getting an error message popping up “The request cannot be processed. Try again later.”

Could someone please help regarding this.


Hi Rajeev,

Welcome to the community!

Are there errors in your browser console? In your server logs?


Hi G Ann.
Thanks for your response.

I don’t see any errors in the server logs.

I do see “The request cannot be processed. Try again later” on the browser console whenever I try to create a new user.


Hi Rajeev,

Are you sure you have full permissions to create users?

Can you check the access logs and make sure your requests are reaching the server?


Hi Ann,

I am logging into Sonar as an admin user and I have all access.

Regarding access logs, I don’t see any errors there as well…