SonarQube - Create User fails - Request Cannot Be Processed Please try again later

SonarQube deployed via zip download.

Trying to create a new user and this is failing with popup message “Request cannot be Processed”

All other aspects of SonarQube are working fine by the looks of it, with no background jobs outstanding.

I have cleared the cache on the browser, used Edge, Chrome and Firefox all with the same results.

Checking the access log, we are receiving messages like this
“POST /api/v2/users HTTP/1.1” 404

for other messages, we receive
“GET /sonarqube/api/v2/users?q=&pageIndex=1 HTTP/1.1” 200

this seems to indicate that the path the post is using is not correct, but the rest of SonarQube is working fine.

If I enter the full URL into a browser it doesn’t work, [servername]/api/v2/users, but if I change this to [servername]/sonarqube/api/v2/users it does work.

in the file, we have

(I have been able to create users in older versions, and I have been able to delete a user on this version)

Hey Andy.

This was a bug in SonarQube v10.3.0 that was fixed in v10.4 (SONAR-21118).

v10.5 is the version you should target and is available on Download | SonarQube (it still says 10.4, but the download is 10.5, we’re fixing it)

Hi, I have upgraded to 10.5 and this has resolved the issue.


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