Cannot create new users in 10.3 when a context is set for the server

Hi, all:

I’trying to create a new user in an instance which has a context setted (for the sake of demo, we will use “/test”) http://localhost:9000/test

Whenever I try to create a new user, I get this message:

I have correctly setted up sonar.core.serverBaseURL to http://localhost:9000/test. I have checked firefox inspector and when the API call is made, context is removed, therefore giving a 404:

This is preventing to create users in instances with context setted. I’ve tried it on several 10.3 instances.


Good morning,

This is preventing us to create users within the UI. Is there any plan to fix it? Could you reproduce the bug in the 10.4 version in

Thank you.

Also having the same issue.

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Hi @mbastardo.excentia. Hi @Arnaud_Huet and welcome to the community!

Thank you for the report. I can reproduce and confirm the issue.
The fix is done for 10.4.

For now, you can use direct API calls to create ( POST api/users/create) and update ( POST api/users/update) the users. The details of these calls can be found in Help ((?) icon near your avatar at the top right corner) / Web API
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Good morning, Viktor,

Thank you for your support. Yes, I had indeed used the API to create the user I needed to. Glad to know it will be corrected in the next release.

And also thank you for the feedback in this community, being part of the family feels so great!


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