Unable to add an organization from azure

Im trying to import an new organization from devops and get the following error

“The token doesn’t have the required permissions (Code: Read & Write)”

The token im trying to use have full access, i also checked the org policies and the setting for “Enable Azure Active Directory Conditional Access Policy Validation;” is not enabled.

Any pointers on what could be the problem?

Hi @janardhang and welcome to our Community!

I will send to you a private message, so you can share with me some required information in order to investigate your problem.


I am sorry for the delay, but i didn’t had the availability to look into your problem. Will follow up here as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding.

Hi @janardhang , on our side I can only see in the logs that the following request got an HTTP 401 from Azure API:


So, from our perspective, the token does not have permission to view all repositories from the provided org, which means no administrator permissions (required to import an organization). Could you please double-check the token permissions? Also, would be nice if you could reproduce the query above directly to Azure API, using the same token.