Trying to create project from Bitbucket cloud but repo not visible

I’ve linked my Bitbucket account to Sonarcloud. I’m also a member of a team on Bitbucket and I have access to many repos belonging to that team.

When I try to add a new project, I only see my repos in the list. I don’t see any of the team repos that I have access to.

What determines which team repos are visible? How should I go about creating a project for a team repo that I have access to?

Hi @jmg48,

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If I understand correctly, the repositories you want to import belong to a team in BBC which is different from your account.

Either the BBC team is not yet imported in SC, then you have to create a new SC org linked to this BBC team (In Analysing new project , choose “Import another organisation”).
Or the BBC team is already imported in SC, and you should see it in the list of organizations. Once you select it, you’ll see the related repositories.


Hope it helps,