Imported repo successfully in SonarCloud but it isn't listed in the My Projects section

So, I have the repository from bitbucket imported into sonarcloud successfully, but it isn’t listed in the my projects section! Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

“My Projects” are all projects you have favorited, across potentially many organizations.

You can see all projects you have access to in an organization by browsing the organization itself.

It’s not showing up in the organization either. Is there a way out for this…?

Do you see the project under your organization Administration > Projects?

Yes, I can see all other projects under the specific organization but not able to find one specific project.

Let’s step back – how do you know the project is imported successfully?

It’s been imported in Sonar, and the token is setup in bitbucket, but I don’t see it in the “My Projects” list It’s not showing up in the organization either in the Sonar UI.

Then how do you know it’s been imported in sonar?

that is why…

Thanks. Did you import it yourself, or did you find it this way the first time you went to add projects?

I imported it by myself from Bitbucket.

I’ve sent a private message asking for some more details.


I’ve sent you a private message asking for a few more informations.