Project "Already Imported", but not available

Have only one organization
Imported 3 projects today, but I see only 2.
I dont see the other one in the project list and also in project management list.
It only appears on the “Analyse new project” list (as already imported); no link is provided there to load it as well.
Couldnt locate it by building the URL with ID having the project name (directly load from browser address bar)

Hello @smartsankar :wave:

Could you please provide me with the following information?

  • Name of your organization
  • Name of the project you are not able to see in the project list
  • If you are using GitHub, GitLab, AzureDevOps or Bitbucket


Name of your organization: MCare21 project
missing imported repo: MCare21.AdminCare
Azure DevOps

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Hello Sankar,

Just wanted to give you an update that I am still working on resolving your issue. I will reach out to you soon with either more questions or, even better, a potential solution.


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Hello @smartsankar!

Thank you so much for your patience while waiting to get a reply.

Is it possible that the SonarCloud organization has been renamed in Azure DevOps and reimported in SonarCloud with the new name?

I tried to replicate the issue you are facing, and the way I was able to do it was by renaming the Azure DevOps organization and then importing it to SonarCloud with the new name (but the old SonarCloud organization with the old name still exists). This means that for one Azure DevOps organization, there are two SonarCloud organizations.

I would like to mention that when an organization is renamed in the DevOps platform, in this case, Azure DevOps, SonarCloud is not aware of those changes.

Additionally, I’ll send you more details in a private message about some findings related to the name of the organization and the missing imported repo.

Finally, if the scenario mentioned above is your case, make sure to remove the project from the SonarCloud organization with the old name and then try to import it into the SonarCloud organization with the new name to see if it’s possible.


I imported all 3 projects simultaneously (if not one after other) by selecting them in ‘Analyze Projects’ page. Do you think the events/changes you said can happen in the meantime?

Hello @smartsankar ,

Given the case, is it possible the missing project could have been imported to this organization with a different name than expected? From my investigation, it’s either that or that it’s imported as part of a different organization (did you confirm this is not the case and the project is not in another of your organizations?)