"The request cannot be processed. Try again later"

(Magnus Kleming) #1

Currently evaluating SonarQube

If I click any of these links, it navigates to the Measures tab and displays this message at the top of the page:


Are these features not included in the Developer edition, or is something very wrong? Am I missing something? Is there some piece of documentation I haven’t read? :blush:

The page itself just says “No measures”:


(Colin Mueller) #2

Anything interesting in the logs? Checkout the troubleshooting documentation.

(Magnus Kleming) #3

There was nothing in the logs, but I did some more digging, and eventually got to this error message:

“The request filtering module is configured to deny a request where the query string is too long.”

Apparently SonarQube is making requests with unusually long query strings (~2700 bytes), and IIS (reverse proxy for https support) is by default set up with a 2048 byte limit. Increasing the limit through the web config solved the problem.

(Colin Mueller) #4

Glad everything is sorted on your end!