"The request cannot be processed. Try again later"

Currently evaluating SonarQube

If I click any of these links, it navigates to the Measures tab and displays this message at the top of the page:


Are these features not included in the Developer edition, or is something very wrong? Am I missing something? Is there some piece of documentation I haven’t read? :blush:

The page itself just says “No measures”:


Anything interesting in the logs? Checkout the troubleshooting documentation.

There was nothing in the logs, but I did some more digging, and eventually got to this error message:

“The request filtering module is configured to deny a request where the query string is too long.”

Apparently SonarQube is making requests with unusually long query strings (~2700 bytes), and IIS (reverse proxy for https support) is by default set up with a 2048 byte limit. Increasing the limit through the web config solved the problem.

Glad everything is sorted on your end!


I had the same issue and the fix was the same. That said, the error message is invalid, because trying again later won’t help. Since the HTTP response codes returned by IIS for this type of error are known:
‘404.14’ (URL Too Long), ’ 404.15’ (Query String Too Long), and ‘413.1’ (Content Length Too Large), the client should be able to use them to display a more appropriate error message.

Having been bitten by this twice, once in the past for content length, and today for query length, a better error message would have been a big help

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This message displayed on every sub page, although the top page worked. After discovering it worked on another browser, I cleared my cache to resolve it on the original browser.