The PHP SAST engine supports Zend and Laminas

Hello PHP developers,

Our PHP SAST engine was improved to detect vulnerabilities on projects relying on the Zend and Laminas frameworks.


The Zend Framework no longer exists per say and was superseded by the Laminas Project early 2020 with a new governance organisation. Still it doesn’t mean applications based on Zend will stop to exist tomorrow and developers will have to make sure they are still secure for a couple of years. This is why we decided to support both frameworks at the same time so you get the same value whether you are still using Zend or already moved to Laminas.

This is available now on SonarCloud and will be included in SonarQube 9.0 Developer Edition.




When will SonarQube 9.0 Developer Edition be released?


SonarQube 9.0 should be released beginning of July 2021.


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@Alexandre_Gigleux do you know its will be supports Zend Framework version 1.8.3?

We have no plan to provide more than what we have today for Zend Framework v1.8.3 because it’s a 12 years old version.