Updates required for sonar-php plugin in plugin-version-matrix page

It seems sonar-php plugin is not updated for a while in the plugin-version-matrix page!

  • What’s the minimal SQ version required for PHP 8 support?
  • What’s the minimal plugin version required? is it

Currently, I’m using SQ 7.0, for PHP 8 support, anyone can suggested that: it’s better to upgrade SQ to the minimal support version for php 8 or can I manually install the new plugin as in extensions/plugins?

Please advice, thanks ~

Hello @liubryan and welcome to the community :wave: ,

there was a change how we ship our language analyzers, as they are now embedded in the sonarqube version you have installed (starting from 8.5). you can find more information about this change in this post or in the upgrade-notes.

so to answer your question: you should upgrade your sonarqube version. this guide should help you with that :slight_smile:

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