Sonarqube Plugins

I have some doubts regarding the management of Sonarqube plugins.
I was asked to upgrade the “Code Analyzer for PHP” plugin from the installed version sonar-php-plugin- to version 3.35 (build 11659).

I can see the currently installed version from https://<IP_ADDRESS>/api/plugins/installed but cannot find it in Marketplace–>Plugins–>Installed.
These Sonarqube supported plugins I always thought were automatically updated during Sonarqube version upgrades.

In our instance of Sonarqube v9.9.4 (build 87374), so quite up to date, the plugin is stuck at version 3.27.1 (build 9352) which was released in January 2023.
In our test instance Sonarqube v9.9.5 (build 90363), so even more up-to-date, the plugin is stuck at the same version 3.27.1 (build 9352).

So my doubts are as follows:

  1. How are these plugins updated?
  2. Can I update it manually?


  1. those plugins come bundled with a Sonarqube version
  2. it has not been possible to manually update individual plug-ins such as Sonar Java or
    Sonar PHP with newer Sonarqube versions for quite some time

This means, if you need the Sonar PHP plugin in version 3.35, you have to update Sonarqube to
Sonarqube 10.5.1 which ships with $SONARQUBE_HOME/lib/extensions/sonar-php-plugin-


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