Synchronization between github and sonarcloud users without first login

Hi, I have a paid sonarcloud account with one organization created linked with github.

For now I can see a few members of github accounts, but sonarcloud help tells me that the first step for a user to show up in sonarcloud is for this user to log in to sonarcloud. This is wrong for me due to that I want that when one user login the first time in sonarcloud, this user already be a member of one custom group that I had created.

There is some way to import from my github organization to sonarcloud all users? If I could do this, I could have my users in sonarcloud groups with permissions in their private projects, and avoid that one user of my organization can see other projects that I don’t want that he see.


Hey there.

We agree this isn’t ideal for the onboarding of bigger teams. We plan to work on this in 2022.

Users in the past have requested a synchronization of groups / permissions from GitHub so that there’s no manual permission assignment needed – meaning that if you have the right to view a repository on GitHub, you can view the associated SonarCloud project. Would this be useful to you?

Hi @Colin !

We plan to work on this in 2022.

what exactly are you going to do in 2022? Throughout 2022, I will can import all user from Github to Sonarcloud?

I wanted to have a more detailed idea about what you are going to do during this year to improve the user system. If you know, can you explain me a little?


Hey there.

I don’t have any precise details to share at the moment – but our ultimate goal is to reduce the time it takes organizations to onboard new members by making it easier to invite new members to your organization.