Summary of rule changes in release notes

Would it be possible to display a summary of rule changes when new versions of SonarQube are available? We have security engineers that will read through the release notes for new versions when they’re available. It would be helpful for them if there was a quick summary to break down rules that have been added or deprecated for different languages instead of going through each jira ticket. For example, when new security rules are added, they may want to make sure any quality profiles not inheriting from the default are still adding the new rules.

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Wondering if anyone has time to look at this question?


we run Sonarqube Enterprise and as admin i get an email from Sonarqube server with a summary about changes in the builtin Sonar way quality profiles for the language plugins after the update.

AFAIR there was no special setting for that, it’s just like that.
There’s also a summary about newly added or deprecated rules at the quality profile main page on
Sonarqube server https://<yoursonarhost>/profiles, i.e.



Thank you, Gilbert!

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