Where to find changelog about rules changes?

Most SonarCloud updates change rules, but I could not find theses changes in the changelog, nor a changelog related with Javascript rules.

So I could no anticipated the score change on my application before the update, although after the update each project receives an details update mail.

Is there a way to get simple way to retrieve these rules changelog ?

rules.sonarsource.com could be the perfect location, it just missing a version filter (“used by version X”, “updated on Version X”) so a link could simply be added in the release post.

Can you give some information about the changes applied in January with Javascript rules in Sonar Way Quality Profile?

  • ALM used:Azure DevOps
  • CI system: Azure DevOps
  • Languages of the repository: Javascript

Hey there.

You can click “See Changelog” to find the changes to the Quality Profile you’re interested in (the link in the upper right)

This will cover rule additions/removals, but not necessarily when rules got “smarter”. We don’t have a good way to track those changes in SonarCloud today.

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