SonarCloud Code Quality Rules

This is really more of a generalized, more of an informational requesting topic.

I am looking to find out when Sonar adds certain rules to its code quality database.

For example, let us assume I have a Pull Request (Merge Request in Gitlab) and initially, Sonar did not detect any issue on the changes I have introduced. A few days later, after I rebased my changes to keep up with the target branch, I get notified of issues related to the changes I’ve made since that last commit.

I am thinking given that the MR only contained similar codes, the previous scan and the latest scan should not differ in the result. Unless a new rule was added to the quality check, which sort of flagged the code changes made.

Just trying to be stay informed whether Sonar provides a listing of the rules and any other details that could help with the analysis and at the same time, satisfy the curiosity why I now have Sonar quality issues detected.

Hey there.

You can find a changelog of the Quality Profiles you’re using.

This covers cases where a rule has been added/removed, it doesn’t really cover the case of a rule getting smarter (which can also cause new issues to be raised).