Changelog should list clearly rules update

Most Sonarqube updates change rules, but I could not find theses changes in the changelog, either the blog post is to short or the jira one it to big and not easily readable.
So I could no anticipated the score change on my application before the update, although after the update each project receives an details update mail.

Is there a way to get simple way to retrieve these rules changelog ? could be the perfect location, it just missing a version filter (“used by version X”, “updated on Version X”) so a link could simply be added in the release post.

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Hi @obriat ,

Thank you for this feedback. There isn’t currently a simple way to retrieve a rules changelog. Today you would go through the SonarQube release note to find the analyser update for your language(s) and then the analyser’s release note should give you details of what has changed.

We are looking into what we might do to simplify this, but don’t currently have any plans to make changes to this.