Sort coverage information by uncovered lines or other criteria


In the SonarCloud page of my project, as I am trying to find the “low hanging fruit” of files/lines that aren’t covered yet, I can’t seem to find a way to sort the files per different criteria such as uncovered lines, uncovered conditions etc…

Is that something that is possible to do ?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Frederic,

We believe the best way to high coverage is to make sure the code you’re working on anyway has high coverage. Gradually and naturally, that will lead to high overall coverage.

But if you really want to do this, the Measures tab of your branch does the sort for you. Just expand the Coverage domain and check out Uncovered Lines or Uncovered Conditions. Switch the View to List, and you get a worst-first sort:




Indeed, I am following Sonar’s 80% coverage guideline for the code I am working on.
But as I am working on uncovered legacy code, I was willing to get the “worst-first” view of the whole code.

Thanks for your solution, it works great !


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