Make uncovered code/conditions have related positions

When I have some uncovered code or conditions in large files, then SonarCloud (and SonarQube) show me a link to the file on the metrics page.
If I follow that link, the file opens but its at the top by default and the file is folded after a couple hundred lines. I have to scroll through the whole file, which is super tedious.

It would be great usability wise to have the “related positions” (or additional positions? unsure how its named) feature that is used for issues and security vulnerabilities for coverage.
What I mean is that there should be locations on the sidebar for that file to lead me to the new code lines that are uncovered or contain uncovered conditions.


Hi @MarkusAmshove, thank you for this suggestion. We will add it to our backlog for investigation/consideration. I might come back to you if I have further questions. I hope that is ok?

Sure no problem, thank you for the reply :slight_smile: