Pagination issue listing coverage files

I’ve detected an issue listing the files of my project when I tried to get the coverage of these files. The project has 562 files, and 109 of them have 100% coverage and they are hidden. When I tap in “show these files”, then the list finished in file number 500 (due to pagination), and I tap in “show the next files”, but then I find out the last files are repeated from the beginning of the list.

Do you know if there is any way to get these last files? Or if this is a known bug by SonarCloud?


Hi @jositocuadrado

Thanks for reporting the issue, it looks like a bug and I reproduced it.
I’ll open an internal ticket and we’ll keep you informed.


@jositocuadrado We have fixed this issue. Can you please check if it’s working for you now?

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Yes!! I’ve just checked it, and it works perfectly! Thank you so much!!


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