Need help understanding code coverage reporting

Hello, I need some help figuring out the code coverage reporting on my project. Here are the stats reported below:

Coverage: 53.8
Uncovered Lines: 2
Lines to Cover: 28
Uncovered Conditions: 22
Conditions to Cover: 24

I’m not understanding the uncovered conditions part, I have every if condition covered in my unit tests, every line and condition has a yellow line saying “fully covered by tests”. There is only 1 condition in my code (one if statement) with one flag in the condition and I have paths for both true and false. Still saying I have 22 uncovered condition even though that if statement is completely covered. The only uncovered lines are 2 instance variables. I’m trying to get get coverage to 90% but there isn’t anything else to cover and it says 22 uncovered conditions, please advise. Thanks!

  • ALM used Azure DevOps
  • CI system used Azure DevOps
  • Languages used Java