Sonarqube webhook fails intermittently


I am running sonarqube Community Edition Version 8.3 (build 34182) & Jenkins 2.240 with sonarqube scanner(2.11) plugin as pods in same namespace of an EKS cluster.

The issue i see is intermittent failure of sonarqube webhook delivery to the jenkins machine saying “server unreachable”, if i restart sonarqube server it will start delivering the webhook as expected. After some days i face the same issue again.

I tried to look up the sonarqube logs where I could not find enough information to figure out why it is happening, server restart is a kind of workaround i am following and i am looking for a permanent fix for this issue.


Welcome to the community!

Just to be really clear, are you restarting SonarQube itself or the box it runs on? Because off-hand this sounds like a problem with some resource outside of SonarQube.


Thanks Ann!

I mean clicking the “Restart Server” from admin console, and this restarts the sonarqube pod running in the EKS cluster.