SonarQube + Jenkins + OpenShift --> Webhook error

Hello everyone,

we are recently facing an issue regarding the SonarQube Webhook in our project.
We are using SonarQube version in combination with Jenkins as our CI/CD tool. Both are deployed on OpenShift via Helm-Charts. For the feedback of the Quality-Gates we installed the plugin SonarQube Scanner for Jenkins version 2.13. With a globally created webhook on SonarQube the Quality-Gate status of all projects are reported to Jenkins builds.
Unfortunately our cluster stability is quit unstable at the moment and therefore the pods for Jenkins terminate from time to time. However after recreating the Jenkins pods the SonarQube Webhook fails for all requests with the error message “Server Unreachable”. Only after redeploying SonarQube on OpenShift the Webhook works again.

Thanks for your help in advance.