Sonarqube cannot reach the jenkins instance on aws


I am using Sonarqube:8.5 and I have integrated with Jenkins.
The Jenkins instance is hosted on AWS ECS and sonarqube is hosted on a machine(I will name it HOST A) behind a reverse proxy.

Till now I had another Jenkins instance on the same HOST A, and everything worked fine. A few weeks I migrate my Jenkins to aws, deployed on ecs.
I have created the webhook on sonarqube to communicate with jenkins.
I noticed that after restart of the jenkins instance the sonarqube cannot reach again the jenkins instance.
When I m checking the webhooks(Administration>Configuration>Webhooks) I can see the following:

Response: Server Unreachable
Duration: 20s

  "serverUrl": "https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/sonarqube",
  "taskId": "AXmszRFvaT2HPLM0aJcr",
  "status": "SUCCESS",
  "analysedAt": "2021-05-27T07:48:03+0000",
  "revision": "33323f672f77fa32beaaae166e2a1f5ba2362a08",
  "changedAt": "2021-05-27T07:48:03+0000",

If I am restarting the sonarqube docker container everything works fine till the next Jenkins restart.

Do you have any idea why happens this?


It sounds like this: