SonarCloud delivery failure to Jenkins as server unreachable

  • ALM used: GitHub
  • CI system used: Community version of Jenkins v2.444 (Hosted on AWS ECS)
  • Scanner command: mvn sonar:sonar
  • Languages of the repository: Java
  • Error observed: Webhook deliveries occasionally fail with “Server Unreachable - Duration: 10s”


We’re using SonarCloud, and our Jenkins is running on AWS ECS.
The DNS is set on Route53 as an Alias for the ALB.

The issue is happening occasionally; for most of the deliveries, we have a successful “Response: 200 Duration: 19ms”
After checking the connection and access logs from the Load Balancer, it looks like the request never reached the load balancer.
The details provided by SonarCloud regarding the failure are insufficient to understand the problem. I guess that can be something with DNS on SonarCloud’s side, as the request never reaches the ALB.


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Are you comfortable sharing any details about your Jenkins server (e.g. IP) publicly?