Sonarqube version failed for bitbucket

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  • which versions are you using (SonarQube 7.9.3, Scanner, Plugin:Bitbucket authentication)
  • what are you trying to achieve
    I am trying to integrate sonarqube with Bitbucket. I have done all the steps required for the integration.But in bitbucket its dsplaying below error

Sonar for Bitbucket failed
Failed to get SonarQube server version

  • what have you tried so far to achieve this

    In Bitbucket, create a OAuth consumer:
    Click on your account avatar in the bottom left corner and select Settings.
    Click on “Access Management” -> “OAuth consumers” -> “Add consumer”
    Name : Something like “My SonarQube”
    URL : the SonarQube base URL, for example http://my_server
    Callback URL : the SonarQube base URL suffixed with /oauth2/callback, for example http://my_server/oauth2/callback
    Permissions : Check “Account -> Read” (Email will be automatically selected)
    Save. The generated key and secret are displayed when selecting the consumer.
    In SonarQube:
    Go to “Administration” -> “Configuration” -> “General Settings” -> “Security” -> “Bitbucket”
    Set “Enabled” to true
    Set “OAuth consumer key” with the key generated by the Bitbucket OAuth consumer
    Set “OAuth consumer secret” with the secret provided by the Bitbucket OAuth consumer
    Open the login form, a new button “Log in with Bitbucket” allow users to connect to SonarQube with their Bitbucket account.

i am able to login to sonar using bitbucket and also i created sonar.json file and using that i am able to login.

but the error occurred is already mention.

i am able to integrate successfully following same in my personal account using bitbucket and sonar.

but it’s not working in corporate network.


It’s not clear to me when the error arrives. Is it when analysis a project ?


Yes on the bit bucket repository getting this issue.

i download sonar app from bitbucket marketplace.

i create a sonar.json file in repository and mention details of project key from sonarqube project.

after that i am getting this issue.

The below link i have followed

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