SonarQube/Bitbucket OAuth?

Elements in the Problem

  • Bitbucket 7.1.1
  • SonarQube
  • Bitbucket Authentication for SonarQube 1.1


  • Trying to perform the OAuth Integration from Bitbucket into SonarQube

What I have done

  • Documentation isn’t relevant for the version of Bitbucket; I think I am suppose to use Application Linking (within Bitbucket)?


Welcome to the community!

To be clear, you’re trying to authenticate SonarQube into Bitbucket Server so it can decoration your pull requests?


I am trying to replicate the experience documented here( Create an OAuth in Bitbucket Section):


The documentation doesn’t seem relevant to new versions of Bitbucket


It seems that none of the plugins/addons used in that blog post are supported by us. With Developer Edition($) and above you can do PR decoration on your Bitbucket Server PRs. The documentation for that is here.


Ann -

I have enterprise version of SonarQube

Then all you needed was the right docs (linked above).


Ann -

All the documents/examples are wrong. Those settings don’t exist within Bitbucket 7.1

Hey there,

Which settings are you looking for in Bitbucket Server that you aren’t finding?

SonarQube uses a Bitbucket Server user account to decorate your pull requests in Bitbucket Server. So you a Personal Access Token from that account with with Write permission for the repositories that will be analyzed.

Then you need to set your global and project settings in SonarQube according to the docs Ann linked.


Mike -

I have already completed that integration; I am looking to perform the oauth integration per and replicate the experience documented here Create an OAuth in Bitbucket Section):

Sorry for the miscommunication. While the readme for that plugin does mention Bitbucket Server support, it appears Bitbucket Server is not actually supported as noted here.


Confirmed - Not supported. Thank you all for the assist