How can I integrate SonarQube with Bitbucket by the plugin?

Hi Guys,
Has anyone used this plugin?
When I want to install this plugin on bitbucket, this prompt pops up:
SonarQube™ for Bitbucket Server cannot be installed by the UPM. Visit the Atlassian Marketplace website to find more information about this app.
And then I read this document, I still don’t know how I should show it on bitbucket.
PS: the version of bitbucket is 5.16.10

Please let us know a solution if there is one.

You might find this helpful.

Thanks Colin.
I have read this document, and I config it on sonarqube, but I still don’t know how to configure it to show SonarQube analysis on bitbucket.

Have you run a Pull Request analysis (executing SonarQube analysis during a Pull Request build)?

Hi Colin
I have the same question. How do we get the sonarqube report on bitbucket. I want to block pull request on bitbucket if these code don’t match the quality gate. How can I do ?

You all may find this community guide helpful!

If you still have trouble, please outline what you have tried and what wasn’t worked. Screenshots, logs, etc. are welcome. The documentation on Pull Requests. and Pull Request Decoration are useful. Make sure you refer the documentation for your version of SonarQube.