Installing SonarQube plugin for BitBucket from February 15th 2023

Hi all!
Installing the SonarQube plugin for BitBucket has not been possible via the GUI since February 15th.
Link to plugin:

Link to explanations from Atlassian:

Are there any ways to install this plugin NOT through the marketplace?Perhaps installation from jar-file is available?

Hey there.

That page is just a placeholder for the BitBucket Server integration that is built into the Developer Edition of SonarQube and higher. See the documentation on Bitbucket Server Integration.

Hi Colin!

I followed all the steps in this documentation. But I’m still unable to view the analysis results in BitBucket. There are still no SonarQube plugin settings in BitBucket.
The build status is displayed near the commit, but I can’t configure the display of information from SonarQube without a plugin:

Is it possible to get a download link with jar file of ‘SonarQube™ for Bitbucket Server’ plugin? Perhaps someone installed this plugin before February 15th and still has this file?

There is no plugin, as mentioned, it was a placeholder page for marketing purposes.

What edition/version of SonarQube are you using? What steps did you follow? Have you executed a pull request analysis (the screenshot you shared is of your master branch)?

  • SonarQube Version
  • SonarQube Developer Edition
  • Screenshot taken from the master branch
  • Steps completed from this documentation:

Perhaps I missed some obvious setting. I will be glad for any help!

You’ll need to initiate an analysis of a pull request to see any information in Bitbucket! This means running an analysis with your CI, configured to analyze pull requests (see the documentation on Pull Request Analysis.

It should look like this in SonarQube when an analysis is successful: SonarQube

The CI chain is configured, after each pull request, the SonarQube status is updated automatically:

But information is not sent to bitbucket.

Perhaps this information about our TeamCity CI will be useful:

It seems to me that there should be an additional BitBucket configuration to get information from SonarQube.

Hey there.

Based on your screenshot, only your master branch is being analyzed.

To analyze pull requests, you’ll need to make sure these parameters are passed when running in a pull request context.

I believe this plugin for TeamCity also helps you do so automatically:

Hello Colin,

Thanks for your help, problem solved.

------Information for those who will have a similar problem---------

  • I did not have pull request analysis configured in Teamcity. Only the analysis of commits worked, and I did not understand that pull requests are not analyzed. To enable pull request analysis, I add in TeamCity Build Feature ‘Pull requests’
  • file is not compatible with SonarScanner for MSBuild. Therefore, the parameters sonar.pullrequest.key, sonar.pullrequest.branch, sonar.pullrequest.base must be set in the Additional parameters of the build step
  • Parameter {} is not compatible with {sonar.pullrequest.key sonar.pullrequest.branch sonar.pullrequest.base}. So I did two different build steps depending on the existence of the pullRequest.number variable.

After fixing these issues, everything worked without any plugins. Hope this information helps someone. And thanks again for helping Colin!

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