SonarQube link in Bitbucket server

Hello, we are in process of evaluating the SonarQube Server Developer Edition with Bitbucket Server Integration. Is there a plugin that we need to install in Bitbucket to display the SonarQube link (highlighted in yellow in attached screenshot)?

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Hey there.

No plugin necessary – you just need to make sure you have Bitbucket Server Integration completed and a successful Pull Request Analysis.

Do you already have Pull Request Analyses working? If not – which CI tool are you using (Jenkins, etc.)

Hello Colin,

What about the Bitbucket plugin SonarQube™ for Bitbucket Server
Atlassian Marketplace. Does this need to be installed on the Bitbucket Server?


No. It’s just a placeholder marketplace item to indicate an integration exists between SonarQube and Bitbucket Server.

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