Sonarqube upgrade queries

I am currently using sonarqube 7.2.1 version and would like to upgrade to 8.9 version .
Can i directly upgrade from 7.2.1 → 8.9 ?
Will all my projects, quality gates, and rules automatically migrate to the latest version?

HI @Priyanka_Chigulla,

You’ll need to migrate via the 7.9 LTS. You can see an example similar to yours in our documentation. And yes, your projects and Quality Gates will be automatically migrated. You’ll have a newer set of rules, though, since we’ve added plenty of rules between 7.2 and 8.9.

Hope this helps!



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Thanks for the reply @Cameron . So first I need to download and upgrade 7.9 LTS and then 8.9 . Please correct me if my understanding is wrong

Hi @Priyanka_Chigulla,

Your understanding is correct. You can find the 7.9 downloads here – just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Show all versions.



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