SonarQube stuck in Maintenance/Starting

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Similar to another issue here SonarQube 8.9 LTS Stuck in Maintenance/Starting

Completed the https://sonarqubeurl/setup Database maintenance without issue and when starting we do NOT see the "The database must be manually upgraded… " message.

Navigating to /setup currently says “Database is up-to-date.” However, when click on “Home,” the page is simply sitting at “SonarQube is starting” with the spinning dial. The log log with activity currently is ‘access.log’ and that’s just refreshing the ‘maintenance?return_to=%2F’ every 5 seconds.

No obvious errors in the logs. Mostly INFO and a couple WARNINGS
There is also no errors in the Developer Console in the chrome window.

The other ticket I referenced above resolved the issue through LDAP configuration however I am not using LDAP for this installation.

Other things to note. I am using MSSQL Database with Credentials and encrypt=false in the connection string.

Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks.

Logs attached (7.1 KB)

Hey there.

Based on the web.log file (which stops at Register Rules), you are probably facing a slow database connection/performance

2022.11.29 11:25:47 INFO web[o.s.s.r.RegisterRules] Register rules

How is your database doing CPU/Memory-wise? Are statistics/indexes up to date? Is there significant latency between SonarQube and your database server?

Hi Colin,

Thanks for the reply. After leaving the screen open for an hour or so it eventually loaded and everything is working fine now. Must have been slow database connection and taking time to configure everything.


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