SonarQube Upgrade from 7.9.5LTS to 8.6 - Error

We are upgrading our server from 7.9.5LTS to 8.6 with Microsoft SQL Server v14.0.3294 and Docker Compose.

Following are the steps followed

  1. Image created of SonarQube Enterprise Edition 8.6
  2. Run the container without making changes in SonarQube successfully started.
  3. LDAP configuration changes added in Then we restart the server and SonarQube is successfully running.
  4. Later we added Database configuration in file.

Again we restart the server and we noticed that SonarQube is running in background but on UI we are getting below error message:

SonarQube is under maintenance

While waiting, you might want to investigate new plugins to extend the current functionality.

If you are an administrator and have no idea why this message is being shown, you should read the upgrade guide.

Hello @Tripti_Mittal,

What you have done until the last step is simply a new SonarQube 8.6 installation.
Only the last step (connecting to your 7.9 database) is really the upgrade in itself .
And for the upgrade to complete you must perform a few steps detailed in upgrade documentation

So the screen you see is just normal, SonarQube is waiting for you to finish the upgrade steps.

You should be able to do that without much trouble if you read the doc.


we browse to http://yourSonarQubeServerURL/setup and tried to follow the setup instructions and we got following screen:

Please help understand that what will happen if we click ‘Upgrade’ on the above screen ?

It will upgrade SonarQube :smirk:

Hopefully not the Database ? :stuck_out_tongue:

So will this activity rebuild the database and we will loose all the previous data ?

All the database content is preserved. That’s precisely the purpose of the upgrade process: Preserve the historical data from older versions and add/convert some tables to allow the new features.

:warning: However our upgrade procedure clearly specify that you must do a DB backup before hitting the Upgrade button in case something goes wrong.

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The upgrade worked successfully and all data was restored…Thankyou for the support…Much Appreciated

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