Sonarqube showing incorrect count of issues on dashboard

Hi Everyone,

Recently we have installed and copied all sonarqube version 6.1 folders from current server to other server.

There are current running projects working fine with old server, I have copied all folders inside sonarqube from old server (including data folder) to the new server and just changed the connection string settings to the new database and run the scan it is showing wrong count after I click on issues, i have checked database is having correct count.

When i downloaded fresh install 6.1 and run the scan , count is showing correct.Problem with this approach is all already fixed/closed issues are under Removed section and unable to get previous report for comparision.

Example : Development team had already closed 29 major issues, only 19 are showing correctly as fixed, remaining 10 issues are showing as unresolved and open which is not correct.Not sure anything to do with Data folder.

Could someone please share your ideas and help me fixing this.


Hi Praveen,

First of all, I would highly recommend to use the latest LTS version of SonarQube : 6.7.5.
Then, to fix your issue, you need to remove data/es folder and restart the server.


And to give some insights into why that is the recommendation here: data/es (or more recently data/es5) is where the backend data is cached for better performance (especially when searching data). Any server install/migration, or any database URL swap, should be accompanied with a proper rebuild of that data cache, otherwise there’s a risk of having data out-of-synch with what is truly persisted in the database.

The approach when gives this recommendation to rebuild ES data is: stop SQ, delete data/es5 , restart. Note that subsequent startup may take slightly longer than usual, due to ES data rebuild. Be aware that none of this is a usual operation, and it’s always better to investigate it first as you did here.

Thanks much, issue got resolved after deletion of Data/es folders, now the issue counts are correctly reflecting in Dashboard.

Kind Regards,

Praveen Davuluri

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