Issues list is empty for a project, but the dashboard shows that the issues actually exist

(Nishanthi Mohan) #1

On Sonarqube 5.6.3, we are seeing an issue with one of the project. The issues
lists is showing 0 issues, when the issues actually exist in the dashboard or measures.

(G Ann Campbell) #2


You appear to have a corrupt Elasticsearch index.

  • Stop the server
  • delete $SONARQUBE_HOME/data/es
  • Start the server.


(Nishanthi Mohan) #4

will it work, if I just rebuild the issues index instead of removing all ?

(G Ann Campbell) #5

No idea. I have no experience with that.

(Nicolas Bontoux) #6

Negative. Rebuilding the ElasticSearch already is a rare operation (which by no means should be done without prior troubleshooting). When needed you should go for a full dump and rebuild.

Note that ElasticSearch resilience has greatly evolved throughout SonarQube 6.x series. Your v5.6.3 is already two years old, missing so much good stuff delivered since then. I strongly suggest you upgrade.