Bugs status not getting updated even after resolution

(Rahul Saini) #1


I’m using sonarqube ver. 6.7.
I’m facing 2 problem while using sonar:

  1. Sonar is still showing old issue, even after we’ve fixed, committed & rescanned the code. PFA screenshot.
    We’ve changed gsub to delete, but still issue persist.

  2. In the issues tab, if we mark any issue as ‘false positive’ it excludes that issue and decrements the total issue count by one, which is correct behaviour. But in the ‘Overview’ page, it still shows the old count. Is this expected behavior?

Please suggest


(G Ann Campbell) #2

Hi Rahul,

For #1 it sounds like you may have a corrupt Elasticsearch index. For that, stop your server, delete the contents of $SONARQUBE_HOME/data, and restart.

For #2, this is as expected. Live measures were introduced in the 7 series, but in 6.7 you’re not going to see the homepage values change until the next analysis.


(Rahul Saini) #3

Thanks Ann for your quick response, as always.