Resolved Won't fix issue appears as unresolved after SonarQube upgrade

Good day to all,

I need a help on understanding one case. We had a 7.2 instance with around 40 projects. Few days ago we upgraded it to 7.6 version (not to 7.7 because we’re using community cpp plugin which is not yet compatible with 7.7). After the upgrade our users started to report a case when back way they resolved a issue as a Resolved ‘Won’t fix’, are now again visible as ‘unresvoled’ when we’re reviewing the issue in the code.

On the project page, go to issues and browse -> Type: ‘Code smell’ -> Resolution: ‘Unresolved’.

In this case this is over a 3.3k code smells that have been marked in the past as Won’t fix and now, they are again Unresolved, which makes a confusion in developers. To fix that we need to reopen and close one more time with this Won’t fix resolution or rescan the project. After the rescan the issue are back in their place and marked as Won’t fix.

Question is, how to avoid this in the next upgrades? Sometimes we don’t want to rescan the project to fix this behaviour.

Thanks for any help!


If re-analysis fixed the reporting, then I think somehow your Elasticsearch indices got messed up in the interim.

Any time you have a question about your indices, you can delete the “es” directory (es5 or es6 depending on your SQ version), which will force Elasticsearch to rebuild them. Note that a server bounce is required, and the time to rebuild the indices will vary based on the size of your instance.


Hi Ann, thanks for the hint. For sure, I will check that solution!