Missing issue comments after another analysis is executed

I am doing an proof-of-concept and review of SonarQube for future adoption within our company.
One thing that I am confused about is all of my “comments” to an issue gets lost when new analysis is performed.

In relation, say for example a Code smell issue that’s I think is not that urgent, I would mark it as “Resolved - Won’t fix” with some contextual comments. The issue is resolved and comments is shown if I refresh the page but when new analysis is performed, the issue is raised again.

How do you guys deal with this in SonarQube? I am using SonarQube 7.1 by the way (Docker Image) + PostgreSQL


Since you’re still in the PoC stage then go ahead and upgrade to the latest version: 7.4 where among other things we start re-opening closed issues rather than creating new ones.

But before you do that, please take a look at your Status=Closed issues (you’ll have to open the Resolution facet and deselect Unresolved before you can select the Closed status)


If your old Won’t Fix issues are really being closed, they should show up here, and a screenshot of the history of one would be helpful:




Re: Upgrade to 7.4
Thanks, I watching closely watching the SonarQube on Docker Store/Hub for 7.4 :slight_smile:

re: history
Yap, I see the ticket status history. Thanks.


Could you maybe share the issue history with us?