SonarQube Server version, SonarJava Plugin version, and Java 11

Hi. We are on SonarQube “Version 7.0 (build 36138)” Community with SonarJava plugin version “5.1 (build 13090)” installed.

We get the following error when trying to scan (Gradle org.sonarqube plugin v2.6.2) a Java 11 project:

> Task :sonarqube
Quality profile for java: Sonar way
Quality profile for xml: Sonar way
Sensor JavaSquidSensor [java]
Invalid java version (got "11"). The version will be ignored. Accepted formats are "1.X", or simply "X" (for instance: "1.5" or "5", "1.6" or "6", "1.7" or "7", etc.)
Configured Java source version ( none

I’m a bit confused as to our options to resolve this:

Can someone please clarify what SonarJava version (and in turn, SonarQube server version) we need to upgrade to in order to support Java 11?

Support of Java11 comes with SonarJava 5.10, try to upgrade it

I am using the gradle 2.7 plugin. How do I use sonarjava 5.10? I see no way to specify this on the plugin docs.

in SonarQube UI (with admin rights) you should be able to update SonarJava plugin in “Administration”->“Marketplace”

Hi @Lena,
This issue says Make SonarJava officially support Java 11 is fixed in sonarJava version 5.8. Any comments on this?

Indeed, @dinesh_shivakoti thanks for correction, I was mistaken.

Anyway it’s recommended to always use latest release of language analyzers (5.11 currently of SonarJava).