SonarQube Server version, SonarJava Plugin version, and Java 11

(V) #1

Hi. We are on SonarQube “Version 7.0 (build 36138)” Community with SonarJava plugin version “5.1 (build 13090)” installed.

We get the following error when trying to scan (Gradle org.sonarqube plugin v2.6.2) a Java 11 project:

> Task :sonarqube
Quality profile for java: Sonar way
Quality profile for xml: Sonar way
Sensor JavaSquidSensor [java]
Invalid java version (got "11"). The version will be ignored. Accepted formats are "1.X", or simply "X" (for instance: "1.5" or "5", "1.6" or "6", "1.7" or "7", etc.)
Configured Java source version ( none

I’m a bit confused as to our options to resolve this:

Can someone please clarify what SonarJava version (and in turn, SonarQube server version) we need to upgrade to in order to support Java 11?

(Elena Vilchik) #2

Support of Java11 comes with SonarJava 5.10, try to upgrade it

(Leon Oosterwijk) #3

I am using the gradle 2.7 plugin. How do I use sonarjava 5.10? I see no way to specify this on the plugin docs.

(Elena Vilchik) #4

in SonarQube UI (with admin rights) you should be able to update SonarJava plugin in “Administration”->“Marketplace”

(Dinesh Shivakoti) #5

Hi @Lena,
This issue says Make SonarJava officially support Java 11 is fixed in sonarJava version 5.8. Any comments on this?

(Elena Vilchik) #6

Indeed, @dinesh_shivakoti thanks for correction, I was mistaken.

Anyway it’s recommended to always use latest release of language analyzers (5.11 currently of SonarJava).