java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unsupported class file major version 55

Hi Team ,
using below versions
–sonarqube * Community Edition Version 7.2 (build 13530) LGPL v3

–sonar-scanner --version
INFO: Scanner configuration file: E:\sonarscanner\sonar-scanner-cli-\sonar-scanner-\bin…\conf\
INFO: Project root configuration file: NONE
INFO: SonarScanner
INFO: Java 11.0.3 AdoptOpenJDK (64-bit)
INFO: Windows 10 10.0 amd64

C:\Users\jenkins>java -version
java version “1.8.0_144”
Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_144-b01)
Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.144-b01, mixed mode)

JavaProject : compiled java project using gradle build script.
followed by executing the sonar-scanner.

Detailed log has been attached .
.sonarScan.log (91.5 KB)

Please help in resolving the issue



I don’t think SonarQube 7.2 supported Java 11. Since that version is past EOL anyway, you should upgrade at your earliest convenience to 7.9.3, the current LTS, and then on to 8.4.1, the current version. Then you’ll be able to analyze using Java 11.


Hi @ganncamp, Thanks to your reply.

Let me paraphrase my setup.
I used
SonarQube 7.2.
sonar-java-plugin- in E:\sonarqube-7.2\extensions\plugins
& jdk 1.8 has been used to compile the source code , because source code is developed in Java 8.

could you please highlight me , where java 11 comes in to the picture ?
Correct me - if my understanding is wrong.

Hi LnT,

The error you list in your title is about “major version 55” being unsupported. The internet tells me that corresponds to Java 11. Somehow, whether or not you’re compiling with Java 8 or just to Java 8, you appear to be analyzing with Java 11.


Hi @ganncamp

Issue has been resolved by upgrading the sonarjava plugin
from sonar-java-plugin- to sonar-java-plugin-

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