SonarQube Server /projects home page returning 404

Version 9.2.

We’re running SonarQube server version 9.2. Up until this morning things were fine. However, now when we navigate to / it shows 0 of 0 shown, when we have like 15 SQ projects. Inspecting the network log, it seems there’s an api going to of project keys

This api is returning a 404, but gives no information as to what’s not being found - a specific project? a key is wrong? How can we get more information?


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This is odd. Can your server logs for errors? Also, can you double-check the URL that’s getting the 404 & make sure there’s nothing odd in it? Specifically, I’m wondering if a new project was added with weird characters in the key.

And one more thing. I think the result is probably predictable, but could you check that 404 URL manually in a browser (call it directly in a new window) and make sure the behavior is consistent?


we found a stack overflow that said data/es7 folder may have been corrupted somehow. we deleted it and restarted the server and it worked.

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