SonarQube PR Comments Link to Localhost

(Sean Turner) #1

SonarQube Version: 7.6
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Hi all,

So I just got my sonar setup to comment on PRs with my account which I really like.

However, SonarQube is creating comments (which is great!), but linking the analysis with localhost (instead of

We have our SonarQube instance running in the cloud so I would definitely like to have the analysis link so that all of our developers can see the job.


(G Ann Campbell) #2


Do you confirm that you’ve configured sonar.core.serverBaseURL (Administration > General > Server base URL) via the UI?


(Sean Turner) #3

I did not have that, my mistake. I just then need correct? I basically just want to replace the localhost in the analysis link provided? I want localhost:9000/projects/issues/etc to become

Also need to setup https I think :slight_smile:

(G Ann Campbell) #4


Assuming that’s your SQ URL, yes. :smile:


(Sean Turner) #5

Thank you very much!