Pull request decorated with link to localhost

(Luboš Sýkora) #1


i setup TFS pull request decoration with SonarQube analysis as per documentation. This works well except one thing - all the links in pullrequest added by analysis are pointing to localhost (e.g.
This is strange as we have SQ deployed on separate server…

What can I do about it?
Thanks for any help

(G Ann Campbell) #2

Hi Lubos,

What is your Server base URL (Administration > Server base URL) set to?


PR Decoration - wrong URL
(Luboš Sýkora) #3

:slight_smile: ok. this is it. Thanks!

it may be worth updating documentation for PR decoration - or did I overlooked?

(G Ann Campbell) #4


Good point. I’ve added it, and it will show up when the docs are published for 7.5.


(Joe Tibbetts) #5

I didn’t see this in the documentation either and the location of the setting was not obvious to me, for anyone else looking for this answer, the setting in question is located here:
Administration->Configuration->General Settings->General->Server base URL