Pull request decorated with link to localhost

(Luboš Sýkora) #1


i setup TFS pull request decoration with SonarQube analysis as per documentation. This works well except one thing - all the links in pullrequest added by analysis are pointing to localhost (e.g.
This is strange as we have SQ deployed on separate server…

What can I do about it?
Thanks for any help

(G Ann Campbell) #2

Hi Lubos,

What is your Server base URL (Administration > Server base URL) set to?


PR Decoration - wrong URL
(Luboš Sýkora) #3

:slight_smile: ok. this is it. Thanks!

it may be worth updating documentation for PR decoration - or did I overlooked?

(G Ann Campbell) #4


Good point. I’ve added it, and it will show up when the docs are published for 7.5.