Pull request decoration Gitlab refers to localhost instead of actual SonarQube address

SonarQube ID information
Server ID: 92D88F0A-AWpuCw3SFrkN1QzwS02A
Version: (DE)
Date: 2020-07-22

I was successfully able to integrate SonarQube pull request decoration into gitlab, but the comment generated by SQ refers to a localhost:9000 instead of the custom codequality.mycompany.com:9000 we have defined. See screenshot:

But SonarQube is hosted on separate domain:


Welcome to the community!

localhost:9000 is the default SonarQube URL, so this is probably a missing configuration somewhere. Probably the Server Base URL, which you’ll find toward the bottom of the page when you go to Administration.


Hi Ann,

Thanks, that fixed the problem! Works like a charm now.


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