SonarQube Official Docker Image which time (server) is used

Dear all, we are using SonarQube Community Edition (Version 8.4) as a Docker image. We want to introduce this solution into the CI/CD-Pipeline and I am currently putting together all the formal documentation that my company requires for introducing new tools. There is one question for which I was unable to find an answer so far.

If I am using the plain official SonarSource SonarQube Docker Image from the Official Docker Hub, which time-server is used for the SonarQube container running on basis of such an image?

E.g. will it be using the local time configured on the Host (Linux) Server it runs on and hence stay in sync when the Host clock is synchronized by NTP?

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Hi @the_silence666 ,

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docker does use the same clock as the host system, only the timezone can differ. there is no NTP Server defined within our docker images as there is no ntp daemon running within the container.

hope that helps you with your paperwork :slight_smile:

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